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Straw Burners, Straw boilers

In 2011 I needed to find a solution for heating a large listed farm house on our working farm. I also wanted to heat the workshop and continue to dry grain in our 1,200 ton stores without the reliance on oil which at the time was costing about 7.5 p / kwh. OFGEM where just starting to launch the RHI, after several site visits and much market research, my first straw boiler was ordered and commissioned in 2012. I was one of the first in the UK to get my certification through and start saving fuel and earning via the RHI. That straw burner has been running well since, is set to pay for itself in year 4 or 5. We only burn bean, linseed and OSR leaving the cereal straw to be chopped back in to the soil. The house has never been so warm but now the Labradors malt all year round!

Since then OFGEM brought out the new emissions regulations which changed everything. It stopped most of the new straw burners from being eligible. I wanted a straw burner for another farm and struggled for some time to find a certified boiler which could burn both wood and straw.  Eventually my research lead to the discovery of this range of straw burners which offer the best in the industry in terms of quality, speed of install and above all else, range of compliant fuels which can be burnt. To this day I don’t think there is another out there with such a variety of fuel on offer.

One was swiftly ordered after visiting a unit in operation and was installed by the same team early in 2015. Unlike other salesmen out there, I actually own and run these straw burners myself so can relate to every aspect of them.

Word of mouth referrals resulted in a number of enquiries leading to this diversification, www.strawburners.co.uk was then born.

Having now worked with the plumbers and electricians on these projects over the years, excellent relationships, understanding and streamlined working practices have been established. The team know what they are doing (they have over 50 years’ experience between them) meaning installing straw burner for others is enjoyable and, based on client feedback, very financial rewarding for them.

Our consultants are on speed dial meaning if any possible problems or improvements are spotted as the install is underway, decisions can quickly be made making the system more efficient and often cheaper.

StrawBurners.co.uk is a trading name of PedigreeProperties.co.uk, proudly offering the same ethics and approach to clients that has kept Pedigree Properties at the top of their field for many years.

Nick Nixey - 07779 246889 - enquiries@strawburners.co.uk
The Farm House, Lobb Farm, Tetsworth
Thame, Oxford, OX9 7BE

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