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Straw Burners, Green Fuel.

Straw, a waste product or a super green fuel? It can be used to replace Oil, LPG and Diesel to supply hot water and heating to Farms, Estates, Commercial Buildings and much more.

With Straw Burners the Farming industry has never had a better chance to supply and control the cost of the fuel they need to keep their businesses running. In conjunction with the Government’s 20 year RHI Scheme you have the chance to get paid to produce your own heat from material  such as straw (cereals, Oil Seed Rape, Bean, Linseed etc.) as well as logs and other timber derivatives, off cuts, saw dust etc. With predicted rising fuel prices, now has never been a better time to look at installing a biomass burner from strawburners.co.uk

Supplying from your own fields and woodland, means your carbon foot print is about as green as it gets. Being able to supply your own fuel also means when oil prices increase, the return on your investment only improves, quite a unique situation to be in!

As most clients are able to self-supply from their own fields and woodland, the carbon foot print of the fuel they use is about as green as it gets. Being able to do this totally cuts out 3rd party fuel suppliers meaning when oil prices increase, the return on our investment only improves, quite a unique situation to be in!

Strawburners.co.uk provide clients with a bespoke service that begins with an initial site visit and assessment through to the complete supply and design of both the right sized boiler and heating infrastructure to bolt on to any existing systems you may already have. We prefer to use independent energy consultants to oversee our designs so when they come to sign off and commission the system for the RHI, they can do so with a full working knowledge of the system. We prefer to install the whole system right up to the radiators in each house rather than just supply you with the boiler. This ensure you get the best performance overall, our team have over 50 years of dedicated Biomass installation experience meaning their working knowledge is the best out there, every job is possible with a little thought.

Typical clients range from a farm with a draughty farm house, a chilly workshop and grain store through to an Estate which needs heat for the Stately house and pool, the estate cottages, the converted barn that’s now the farm office, workshops, grain driers and hot water for farming operations like wash down areas, parlours etc. The systems we supply are very diverse allowing for all manner of set ups.

With one of our boilers installed no farmer’s wife will never again need to wear her winter woolly jumpers whilst hugging the AGA, no tenants will every complain about their heating bills, wet grain is no longer such an expensive problem and you will be generating a consistent, 20 year government backed quarterly cash injection for your business, the more you burn, the more you earn.

Our boilers have been installed up and down the UK, as well as the rest of Europe, we are always happy to show you around your nearest installation so you can talk to that person about how their system is actually performing for them rather than taking it from us.

Straw Burners help the Farming industry supply and control the cost of the fuel they need to keep their businesses running “Cheap farm heat”. Straw Burners are green and help reduce the Carbon Footprint and are supported by the Governments RHI Scheme.

Nick Nixey - 07779 246889 - enquiries@strawburners.co.uk
The Farm House, Lobb Farm, Tetsworth
Thame, Oxford, OX9 7BE

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